Studies by Research Grant

The following is examples of international comparative studies by Yoshiyuki Nagata (Prof.) for the last decade. Most of the interim or final reports are in Japanese. However, there are English publications based on the research results

2019 - 2021

A Study on Learning in response to global issues with focus on climate change education

2015 - 2017

An Interdisciplinary Study on Climate Change and Education: Development of Learning Materials and Teacher Training Programme on Adaptation and Mitigation’

2012 - 2015

‘Sustainability and Resilience of Education in Asian Countries’ (Questionnaire and interview-based surveys in disaster-affected areas of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, the Philippines, Japan)

2008 - 2011

A Study towards Creation of ‘ESD School Network’ in East Asia

(Learning from the Baltic Sea Project, international collaborative learning was implemented in China, Mongolia, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan under the topic of ‘radiation measurement’ after the East Japan Great Earthquake and Tsunami in March 2011.)

‘Youth-Led, Cross-Border Collaborative Radiation Measurement Project: Results and Issues’. (Co-author: Naoko Yoshida). The Journal of the Victorian Association for Environmental Education. Victoria Association for Environmental Education (VAEE). EINGANA. Vol. 36, No. 3. (ed. by I. Sutherland). December 2013. pp. 7-9.


Collection of basic data on ESD and its good practices and creation of ESD leaflet in Japanese and English for the use of international meetings/seminars.

2006 - 2008

An Interdisciplinary Study on the Foundation of EIU (Education for International Understanding) Practices in an Era of Globalization (In an era of globalization, especially after the post-Sept.11th days, conventional type of EIU is required to be re-considered. In response to challenge of living together with the otherness of the other, various philosophical and psychological investigations were conducted. )

2003 - 2006

An International Study on Publicly-funded Privately-run Schools (Various types of alternative forms of education, including publicly-funded and privately-run schools were investigated in Europe, North America and Asian countries including Japan.)

2000 - 2003

International Comparative Study on the Practices and Administration of Alternative Education

As the number of various alternative schools under the influence of Sudbury-valley school and Waldorf Steiner schools increase, conflicts between these schools and administration offices arose in several countries. The study shows four types of administration concerning their attitudes towards alternative education.

For details see the following publication:

Alternative Education: Global Perspectives Relevant to the Asia-Pacific Region. 2007. Springer.